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It's been a couple weeks since you've claimed your podfics. How is everyone doing?
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One more month until posting starts! How is everyone doing?

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To claim a podfic, please reply to this post with the number assigned to the podfic. If you claim a podfic, please make sure you have completed the sign up form so that your friendly neighborhood mod has your contact information. Please claim only ONE title at this time. We will open to second requests at a later time if any podfics remain unclaimed.

Claims under the cut. )
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Only two more months before posting begins! Time to check-in and let us all know how you're doing. What's your latest progress? Need help with anything?

Are you approximately 60% finished with your podfic? Submit a request for cover art by Friday, August 18: https://goo.gl/forms/SRnQsgZTxqNX7HsI3

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Welcome, tributes participants, to this year's Hunger Games Podfic Big Bang! We have 21 participants signed up at this point, including many newcomers. I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with for the challenge. ♥

For this check-in, let's talk about your goals for the next few months.

  1. What fic (or fics) do you hope to podfic for the challenge?
  2. What progress have you made thus far?
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The [community profile] podficbigbang is back for Round 6! I have a few important announcements:

  1. Due to the difficulty in managing the challenge in multiple places at once and in recognition of recent mass exodus from LiveJournal, the challenge will only be operating on Dreamwidth going forward. My apologies to those of you who may be disappointed in this change.
  2. The Epic Podfic Big Bang will not be running this year. It's back to just the regular Podfic Big Bang with the usual requirement of 10,000 words. But that doesn't mean you can't shoot for an epic word count yourself!
  3. Since we'll be posting in October (my favorite time of the year), I've made the executive decision to name all things Autumn as the optional theme for the year. Behold my cosmic modly powers! Bring on the fallen leaves, harvest moon, pumpkin spice, and Halloween shenanigans. Interpret the theme as broadly or narrowly as you please or ignore it entirely.

Join the Podfic Big Bang today!

Join the [community profile] podficbigbang today! Sign-ups are open.
Posting begins October 15, 2017.
Have questions? Check out the FAQ.

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Rules and Requirements


  • Your mission is to record an audiobook for a fic with a minimum of 10,000 words.
  • You may produce as many podfics for the challenge as you wish.
  • You may collaborate with other podficcers for the challenge, but we would appreciate it if all co-collaborators signed up here so we have everyone's contact information in case we need it.
  • You must be approximately 60% complete by the art request deadline to qualify for official art match-ups.
  • If you are not interested in or do not qualify for the official art match-ups, you are free to create your own cover art, ask someone to create cover art for you outside the challenge, or post without cover art.

Cover Artists

  • Your mission is to claim the podfic of your choice and create a minimum of one work of cover art.
  • You may claim one podfic the first week after art claims open.
  • You may claim as many additional podfics as you wish after the first week of art claims.

Fill out the poll to sign-up!

Don't have a Dreamwith account? Try signing up with OpenID!

Poll #18398 2017 Podfic Big Bang Sign-ups
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 26

Your email address:

Is this your first time participating in Podfic Big Bang?

13 (50.0%)

13 (50.0%)

I would like to participate as a ...

24 (92.3%)

Cover Artist
4 (15.4%)

Do you have any questions or comments for us?


Podficcer Schedule
Sign-ups begin:May 20 (ongoing)
Check-in #1:July 8
Check-in #2:August 5
Art requests due:August 18
Art claims begin:August 19
Check-in #3:September 2
Check-in #4:October 7
Posting period:October 15-31
Cover Artist Schedule
Sign-ups begin:May 20 (ongoing)
Art claims begin:August 19
Check-in #1:September 2
Check-in #2:October 7
Posting period:October 15-31
2017 Theme: Autumn

Interested in an optional extra challenge? Podfic something that adheres to the broad theme of Autumn!

Fallen leaves, harvest time, pumpkin spice, Halloween shenanigans, carving pumpkins--all are included this theme. Interpret the theme as broadly or narrowly as you wish.


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