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Name:The Podfic Big Bang
Website:Podfic Big Bang
Posting Access:Anybody, Moderated
Community description:A podfic challenge.

Rules and Requirements


  • Your mission is to record an audio work for a fic with a minimum of 10,000 words for Podfic Big Bang or 75,000 words for Epic Podfic Big Bang.
  • You may produce as many podfics for the challenge as you wish.
  • You may collaborate with other podficcers for the challenge, but we would appreciate it if all co-collaborators signed up here so we have everyone's contact information in case we need it.
  • You must be approximately 60% complete by the art request deadline to qualify for official art match-ups.
  • Cover art is NOT MANDATORY. We organize match-ups through that community for people who are do not wish to make their own, but if you are not interested in or do not qualify for the official art match-ups, feel free to do what suits you best. 

Cover Artists

  • Your mission is to claim the podfic of your choice and create a minimum of one work of cover art.
  • You may claim one podfic the first week after art claims open.
  • You may claim as many additional podfics as you wish after the first week of art claims.

Podficcer Schedule
Sign-ups begin:June 3 (ongoing)
Check-in #1:July 7
Check-in #2:August 4
Art requests due:August 17
Art claims begin:August 18 
Check-in #3:September 1
Check-in #4:September 29
Posting period:October 14-31
Cover Artist Schedule
Sign-ups begin:June 3 (ongoing)
Art requests open:August 4
Art requests due:August 17
Art claims begin:August 18
Check-in #1:September 1 
Check-in #2:September 29
Posting period:October 14-31

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