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Name:The Podfic Big Bang
Website:Podfic Big Bang Archive
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:A podfic challenge.


The Podfic Big Bang is an annual challenge aiming to increase the number of long podfics available to the fannish community, while also fostering a spirit of community and collaboration.


Record an audiobook for a fic with a minimum of 10,000 words.

Cover Artists

Create a minimum of one work of cover art for a claimed podfic.


Check out some of the works created for this challenge on Archive of Our Own.

[graphic by [personal profile] kalakirya]

Podficcer Schedule
Sign-ups begin:May 20 (ongoing)
Check-in #1:July 8
Check-in #2:August 5
Art requests due:August 18
Art claims begin:August 19
Check-in #3:September 2
Check-in #4:October 7
Posting period:October 15-31

Cover Artist Schedule
Sign-ups begin:May 20 (ongoing)
Art claims begin:August 19
Check-in #1:September 2
Check-in #2:October 7
Posting period:October 15-31

2017 Theme: Autumn

Interested in an optional extra challenge? Podfic something that adheres to the broad theme of Autumn!

Fallen leaves, harvest time, pumpkin spice, Halloween shenanigans, carving pumpkins--all are included this theme. Interpret the theme as broadly or narrowly as you wish.

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