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May. 26th, 2011 06:41 pm
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After months of blood, sweat, and tears we have reached the close of the first round of the Podfic Big Bang. Over the past few weeks, the community has shared 21 podfics (15 for the main bang, 6 for the bonus bang) and 28 cover designs. Many podfic projects were enhanced with music and/or sound effects; alas, it was not always clear that sound enhancements had been made or who had made those enhancements, so we can't give specifics on that count. Overall, it was a very impressive showing! All participants should be very proud of themselves. *\o/*

Particular accolades go out to:

  • [ profile] deadflowers5 for submitting the first piece of cover art
  • [ profile] chemm80 for submitting the first completed podfic
  • [ profile] martinius for submitting the first sound enhancements--and having created brand new Creative Commons music to boot!
  • [ profile] weimar27 for submitting the longest podfic (at 8:19:51 for the standard version & 8:41:31 for the music-enhanced version)
  • [ profile] sophinisba and [ profile] eosrose for submitting the most podfics (3 each)
  • [ profile] bessyboo for submitting contributions to the most podfic projects in an artistic capacity (a total of 4)

At this point it is unclear of whether we'll run again next year. If we do, here are a few changes we've been considering:

  • streamline the podficcer sign-up process by merging primary project title submission with the initial sign-ups; keep podficcer sign-ups open longer to make up the difference
  • collect email addresses with sign-ups so that we can contact more easily when problems and/or questions arise
  • officially extend the recording period of the challenge to a full 5 or 6 months from the time sign-ups open
  • make sure submissions aren't due around the time many people are facing final exams, etc.
  • create a parallel community on dreamwidth for people who prefer posting there

In the meantime, [ profile] eosrose has recently been in touch with the lovely people over at Archive of Our Own regarding posting non-textual fanworks like podfic and the upcoming Torrent of Our Own intended for media-hosting. Good news: (a) TO3 staff hopes to have media-hosting capabilities go live sometime this year, and (b) podficcers are welcome to post external downloads to works and/or embed streaming media RIGHT NOW. No need to wait. In light of this, [ profile] eosrose took the liberty of creating a Collection for podfics that were included in the big bang (both the main bang and the bonus bang). If you’re interested in adding your work, please feel free. If you need an invite code, just send [ profile] eosrose your email address.

Thanks go out to everyone for participating!

Your mods,
[ profile] eosrose and [ profile] dreaming_athena

EDIT: To add your podfic (or art) to the AO3 collection, go to the first field in the "Associations" portion of the work submission form, which is "Post to Collections/Challenges". Just type in "podfic_big_bang_2011" and your work should be added to the collection.

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Art-only projects

At this point the projects list below will be posted as art-only submissions to the challenge as no accompanying podfics have been received. If you believe this to be in error and you have submitted an accompanying podfic, please give me a shout. I've been receiving and sending out a lot of messages lately; it's possible your submission was lost in the shuffle.

  • Perfect Day
  • Rapture
  • Just a Little Bent
  • Ten Thousand Miles
  • The Request
  • The Anti-Kink Series
  • Indelible
  • Sweeter Dreams

Art-Only projects are tentatively set to go live on Wednesday. This may change if I receive late podfic submissions in time to upload them onto the site on Tuesday.

Late podfic submissions

I will continue to accept late podfic submissions even after the art-only submissions go live.

Bonus Round

After some consideration, the Bonus Round podfics will be posted the day AFTER the art-only submissions go up.

[personal profile] eosrose
Please direct your attention to The Temple of Scheherazade, home of the Podfic Big Bang!

If you run into any technical issues with the site, please let me know.

P.S. Sorry to have kept you waiting an extra ten minutes. I was all set to make the announcement and then I noticed that something glitchy had happened and the posts hadn't actually been published. XD
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At this point, I'm still waiting on projects, so it was necessary to simply order the schedule according to date of completion rather than length as originally planned. We'll be posting two Big Bang projects per day until we run out. Then all Bonus Bang projects will go live to celebrate the end of the challenge. In situations where art was finished, but not podfic, the art will go live at the same time as the Bonus Bang projects.

Presently we have the first week filled, with one slot open for Friday. Some participants have already contacted me about late submissions. Others I'll be getting in touch with soon.

Please turn in your late submissions ASAP!

view the schedule )

Please note that the posting schedule isn't set in stone. If someone needs an extra day or two to fix something, I might switch things around a bit.

How Posting Will Work

[ profile] eosrose will post projects to the website at approximately Midnight CST each day. [ profile] dreaming_athena will post the projects to the community as soon as time permits her. Once projects have been posted to the website, you are free to start pimping out your work as you see fit.
[personal profile] eosrose
This is just a friendly reminder that podfics and covers are due tomorrow! I don't actually have a set cut-off time, but at some point on Saturday afternoon I'll be giving everyone who hasn't submitted their work a poke to see what's up. Good luck everyone!
[personal profile] eosrose
Due to unforeseen circumstances, we'll be pushing back the deadline and posting date an extra week. As it is the day before our so few people have submitted their work the day before the deadline, I'm hopeful that this will come as more of a relief than a disappointment to out participants. (Actually I haven't received a new submission since April 9th, if my notes are to be trusted.)

Submit your Big Bang and your Bonus Bangs by May 6th.

If you need longer than that and you haven't already talked to one of the mods about it, please do so ASAP. If you're dropping out, let us know so we can mark you off our list.

Apologies for delaying posting nearly a month from what was originally planned. Next round we'll have to extend the time period a bit to avoid this.

Status Update

Apr. 17th, 2011 04:35 pm
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Okay, folks! It's definitely a good thing we're pushing back the deadline, because at this point we have 2 completed podfics, 2 completed audio contributions, and 9 completed covers ready to go. (I won't even wag my finger, because I'm still working on my podfic too, lol!) On the up side, all primary projects have been matched with an artist and we've got a few projects coming together for the bonus round. :)

ETA: For those curious, the Big Band is supposed to have 23 projects (not counting those intended for the bonus round).


Apr. 12th, 2011 05:40 pm
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The majority has spoken: the new deadline for all podfics, covers, etc. will be April 29th. Posting will begin May 2nd. If you have any questions or concerns, [ profile] dreaming_athena and I will be standing by.

P.S. This doesn't mean you can't turn in your work early! :)
[personal profile] eosrose
We've had enough people needing extensions that [ profile] dreaming_athena and I agree that it makes sense to push the submission deadline and posting back a bit. Please take a moment to select the schedule that would work best for you.

[Poll #1728162]

FYI: When we're ready to start posting, I'll be taking care of posting each podfic project to the web site, whereas [ profile] dreaming_athena will post projects here on the community. We'll be posting a few podfics each day until we run out; primary podfic projects will be posted first, followed by additional podfic projects. At this point we're intending to post projects according to length (shortest to longest), but it may be necessary to post according to order of submission if we get a lot of stragglers coming in.

We hope an extension will help de-stress those of you who have been caught off guard by the approaching deadline! Remember: This is supposed to be fun!

For those of you disappointed by the delay, I hope you'll forgive us. ♥
[identity profile]
Dear participants who have not yet submitted their projects,

As it is the first of April  we would like for you to comment on this post with any concerns/suggestions/rants/problems you may have.
We also need to know:
-If anyone has dropped out.
-Whether you do not expect to be able to have finished your projects by the fifteenth of this month (and anticipate needing an extension).
[personal profile] eosrose
There are still a few primary projects in need of cover art/sound, however we are now opening the door to additional podfics as well.


Podficcers should comment to this post in order to request cover art/sound effects/music using the following form after submitting the title to the additional podfic post (so the mods know to add the addition to the list):

Cover and Special Effects Artists

Reply to the request you are interested in and claim it! An introduction to the podficcer would be appropriate.

Other Notes

The completed podfic (and accompanying art) will be due in on April 15th. Submit them here.

Keep in mind that THIS IS AN INFORMAL MATCH-UP POST. The mods will not be running interference unless unexpected problems arise. Artists and podficcers are wholly responsible for communicating need on their own.

Note: Anyone can sign up to contribute art/sound effects here. You don't need to have signed up for the challenge early on.
[personal profile] eosrose


If you would like to submit podfic(s) other than the primary one (which should be submitted here), you may do so in reply to this post. All comments will be screened.

All podfics submitted to this post MUST be 1 hour in duration or longer (the equivalent of approximately 10,000 words). They will be posted in a bonus round following the main bang post.

* Please keep in mind, if you give a URL where you would prefer people leave comments, that the URL does not need to be a public post. We will let you know what day your recording will go live for download so that you can make the post public.

If you intend to ask for assistance in creating cover art or finding/adding special effects or music, you do NOT need to include a Podfic Download URL immediately. You may submit the actual download to us once the cover art is complete or the special effect/music has been added. The download URL will be due in on April 15th.

Cover Artists

If you have designed cover art for one of the additional podfics, you may submit that cover art in response to this post.

* Please keep in mind, if you give a URL where you would prefer people leave comments, that the URL does not need to be a public post. We will let you know what day your recording will go live for download so that you can make the post public.

Special Effects Artists

If you have contributed special effects and/or music to one of the additional podfics, you may submit note of that in reply to this post.

* Please keep in mind, if you give a URL where you would prefer people leave comments, that the URL does not need to be a public post. We will let you know what day your recording will go live for download so that you can make the post public.


Mar. 6th, 2011 10:24 am
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Dear podficcers and artists,

Some of you are nearing completion and have been asking me what to do with your finished products. As I intend to launch a web site for this community, I will need you to send me your finished products so that I can upload them to my server.


Reply to this post with the following information:

The Podfic Download URL should be a link to the mp3 version of your work. If you know how to compile a m4b version, you are welcome to give a link to that version as well; otherwise we'll compile a m4b version for you. Include in your message any credits for resources you used and any additional reader's notes. If you use music and want to provide a music-free version of your podfic, you are welcome to do so.

* Please keep in mind, if you give a URL where you would prefer people leave comments, that the URL does not need to be a public post. We will let you know what day your recording will go live for download so that you can make the post public.

Cover Artists

You may either comment to this post with a link to your cover art or email your work to me at eosrose(at) Your cover art should be a square (art tends to display oddly on mp3 player devices if it's not square). The size required for the posting template is 300x300 pixels, but you may submit a larger version as well so that the world can better admire the pretty. In your message I will need credits for the resources you used and any additional notes you would like to include with the final post.

* Please keep in mind, if you give a URL where you would prefer people leave comments, that the URL does not need to be a public post. We will let you know what day your recording will go live for download so that you can make the post public.

Special Effects/Music Artists

I do not expect you to submit copies of the sounds that you contributed to your work--those only need to be incorporated into the final product. I just need you to comment to this post with credits for resources you used and any additional notes you would like to include with the final post.

* Please keep in mind, if you give a URL where you would prefer people leave comments, that the URL does not need to be a public post. We will let you know what day your recording will go live for download so that you can make the post public.

All comments will be screened. Please don't make your work public anywhere just yet!
[personal profile] eosrose

Alright, guys. Below is the match-up list as it stands now.

If you are a podficcer and your name is not on here, that's because you did not submit your title to the proper post. If you PM'd your title to us, we appreciate the effort, but you probably fell into a black hole. You can still submit a title to the proper post, however--we don't want to leave you behind!

We have quite a few lovely artists who kindly decided to claim more than one project. Thank you! Alas, there are still a few projects up for claiming. Please have a look at them and poke anyone you know who might be able to help out and give these projects some love. ♥

If you have been matched-up, but have not yet been in contact with your partner-in-crime, please remedy this immediately. Check your PM inbox.

Match-ups behind the cut )

Now is the time for the first check-in for both artists and podficcers. This isn't mandatory, but please comment to this post to let us know how you are progressing and if there are any unexpected snags you're running into. Rant, flail, whatever, just let us know you're still alive. ^_~

P.S. Your mod is sick as a dog as she posts this, so if you notice any errors, be a dear and let me know?

[personal profile] eosrose
Please keep in mind that there are 7 people still awaiting an artist. <3

Poll: Website?

Feb. 7th, 2011 08:10 pm
eosrose: (Podfic Big Bang)
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I currently own a personal domain, meaning that I could easily host direct downloads for the Podfic Big Bang, thus saving any prospective listeners the hassle of dealing with file sharing sites and their limitations. It would be fairly easy to set up a subdomain website, complete with download hit counting. It might be cool to have a site for the challenge, but I don't want to invest any time into such an endeavor without asking what the community thinks first.

[Poll #1678559]

Feedback is very much welcome. Let me know your thoughts or suggestions.
[personal profile] eosrose
About 48 hours have passed since the podfic project titles have gone live for claiming. All but one of our artists have claimed a title, but we still have 14 titles remaining, so I hereby declare that artists are now welcome to claim additional podfic projects (as many as can be comfortably managed, though I really recommend no more than three total at this point).

New artists are still welcome to join the fun!

Once all podficcers have an artist for their main projects, we'll see about creating a more informal match-up post for any additional podfics projects that our podficcers may wish to contribute.
[personal profile] eosrose

Stats (as of 5:00PM CST 3/26/2011)

Total Titles Submitted: 23
Titles Claimed: 22
Titles Remaining: 1


  1. The claims post goes live at 8PM CST (check here to see what time it now) on February 5th and will remain open until the last story is claimed.
  2. From now until all artists have had a chance to claim a project, artists are asked to claim only ONE project. An announcement will be made at a later date for artists to go crazy and claim as may as they feel they can handle. Artists may now claim additional titles--as many as you feel you can comfortably handle.
  3. To claim a project, reply to the project you want with "CLAIM" in the subject or body of your comment.
  4. Once I've received a claim, I will send the podficcer and artist each other's contact information.
  5. All claimed projects will be screened in order to make it easier to find projects still in need of a little love.

Short Cuts

Artist Sign-Ups

If you claim a story, please make sure you sign up to be an artist first. We are still accepting new artists.

[personal profile] eosrose
The first round of artist-podficcer match-ups will begin today at 8PM CST (check here to see what time it now).

I will soon create the match-up post and begin listing the stories available. You are welcome to take a look at what everyone is working on, but please do not attempt to claim a project until the appointed time.

Keep in mind that artists will only be permitted to claim ONE project today. I'll keep you posted as to when artists will be allowed to claim other projects (soon, probably).


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