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1. Is your podfic is intended for the Epic Podfic Big Bang (75,000-word minimum)?
2. Are you are relatively confident in your ability to finish your podfic?
3. Are you interested in seeing an artist create cover art or another artistic contribution to companion your podfic?

If you answered "Yes!" to these questions, please reply to this post using the form template in the textbox below!

Copy (Ctrl + C) the form and Paste (Ctrl + V) it into a reply:

If there are specific scenes or visuals that really stand out for you in the story you have chosen to podfic, consider mentioning them in your comments as potential enticements or inspiration.

Art requests will be accepted on an ongoing basis until December 17th. Artists may jump in and claim any podfic that sparks their interest. Podfic + art is due to be posted December 18th-31st.

Date: 2016-11-21 02:34 am (UTC)
shmaylor: (Default)
From: [personal profile] shmaylor
Fandom: Mad Max Fury Road
Ship: Furiosa/Max
Fic Title: the "two creams, one sugar" series (contains the fics "Blood, Coffee, & Motor Oil", "Before, Since, & After", and "flagging black")
Fic URL: http://archiveofourown.org/series/268138
Word Count: 90k

How close to completion is your podfic?: It's completed!
Are you interested in cover art?: Yes I am!
Are you interested in other forms of art? If so, please describe: YES. Okay, so my dream of all dreams is for someone to make a soundtrack with a different song for each chapter, and then I can include intro music for each chapter of the podfic. BUT, there are 24 chapters, so that would be a lot of work, and it would have to be done early enough for me to have time to add the music to the podfic. So, I am also completely fine with cover art as well, or any other art you'd like to make!

Comments (optional): This fic, you guys, this fic. It's amazing and totally deserves art and I would be so stoked if you were to claim my podfic of it <3
From: (Anonymous)
Fandom: Naruto
Ship: Hashirama/Madara (UST or unrequited, depending on how you read
Fic Title: "Man of Dreams" by ckret2
Fic URL: Yup, on ff.net! (https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6349563/1/Man-of-Dreams)
Word Count: ~100000. Left out some author's notes that were responses to reviews.

How close to completion is your podfic?: 3/4 edited (17/24 chapters), needs music, will 1000% finish
Are you interested in cover art?: Sure!
Are you interested in other forms of art? If so, please describe: Tbh I would love any art you could get from the fic. Cover art, at least a minitiature would be hard, no central objects spring out. I would love any mock ups of legends mentioned, there's a peculiar family tree that would rock or maybe official stationary for any of the political stuff? But really, if anything inspires you, go for it!

Comments (optional): I know this is unrequited, BUT! It is not just tragedy, it's also really, really funny. If you ever liked comedy in the face of dread, this is it. Also a lot of exploration of political issues, how exuality is constructed (neither of the characters think of themselves as "gay"), history, legends, sexism, internalized homophobia, alcoholism for self-medication and a lot of small nods to future Naruto. (Though the fic is not 100% canon compliant because it was written before the end of the manga.) But for real, I love it a ton and it is amazing. The ending is very heart breaking and healing at the same time. And the whole thing has an omake chapter to soothe everyone.
I hope you will consider it!


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