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Hey Everyone!

Epic Podfic Big Bang GSD week is here! This week is a week to work hard on your project and get lots of encouraging feedback!  To that end, like last time, I am running several activities that will hopefully help motivate everyone.

1) Bingo Cards! I still have those Podfic Big Bang GSD Bingo cards but I've now made them EPIC.  If you want one let me know in a comment, DM, or tweet and I'll set you up.  There is no prize other than a feeling of great satisfaction but that feeling is indeed great!

2) Sprints!  I will be hosting sprints on twitter.  Don't worry if my twitter is locked I will unlock for sprinting.  The schedule is below.

3) Daily Challenges! I've set a challenge for each day! Once again there is no prize save for the satisfaction that you have gotten the achievement and Done The Thing.

4) Daily accountability check in posts! These are totally optional.  I'll post the challenge every day and on that post you can post things like "I want to record 3 chapters today" or "I plan to edit 30 min during my lunch break" and also report on how well you met the previous day's goals.

**Sprint Schedule** (All times are CST)
Sunday: Evening Sprints with Opalsong (7:30pm-11pm)
Monday-Wednesday: Morning Sprints with Opalsong (8:30am-11:30am)
Thursday: Possible Evening sprint with Opalsong (8pm-11:30pm) (this one is up in the air)
Friday: All Day Sprints with Opalsong (9:30am-whenever people lose interest) (if you don't see a sprint happening just DM me on twitter and I'll get one started for you)
Saturday: Mid-Day Sprints with Opalsong (11am-2pm)

I'll host all sprints on Twitter.  I'll tweet when we're starting and you can reply if
you want in.

On top of all this if anyone wants to organize things of their own for specific days let me know and I'll include it in the daily post.

Hope everyone has fun and gets stuff done!

PS: Feel free to use this GSD week for projects other than Epic Podfic Big Bang (though hopefully you're finished first).  #ITPE is coming up and if you or someone else wants to use this to help for that, that is more than welcome!


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