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Who's running the show?

The Podfic Big Bang is organized and run by [personal profile] eosrose; however, [livejournal.com profile] dreaming_athena was also integral to the communities founding and we owe her a big thank you!

How did the challenge get started?

It was inspired by the [community profile] amplificathon Podbang (which may now be defunct), which was an anonymous gift exchange of epic podfics (30,000 words minimum). [personal profile] eosrose and [livejournal.com profile] dreaming_athena were both initially a little intimidated by the prospect of multifandom podfic gifts of such magnitude and wondered why there wasn't a more general big bang for podfic like there was for fic. Then BAM. [community profile] podficbigbang was born. We are now in our fourth round and going strong.

Are you affiliated with the audiofic archive?

No, not in any official capacity. If you want your podfics added to the audiofic archive, you'll still need to post them to [community profile] amplificathon.

What's up with this Thematic Week/Free-For-All Week?

Please refer to the About Us page for details.


Do I have to podfic a story that fits in with the themes?

No. The themes exist to provide a little extra challenge for those who want it. Feel free to ignore them.

Do I have to podfic a story that is written in English?

Absolutely not! It would be great to see some language diversity.

May I podfic a series instead of just one long podfic?

Go for it! As long as the end length of all of the podfics put together is more than 1 hour, you are welcome to record a series.

May I podfic a sequel to a podfic that has already been posted?

Yes. I don't see any reason why that shouldn't be allowed.

May I podfic a story that I wrote myself?

Yes. Have fun!

How do podficcers request to work with an artist?

Please visit the participant community ([community profile] podparty) and submit a request. All podficcer requests for artists will be kept in the moderation queue until match-ups officially begin; request posts will be linked to in the official claiming post.

Late requests for collaboration will be accepted, but your best bet is to post your request around the time artists expect them to be available.

You also have the option of seeking an artist outside the community.

Are podfic projects with more than one podfficer permitted?


What fandoms can I record podfic for?

Any fandom, any ship: all are welcome.

May I record original fiction?

Nobody ever has before and we generally consider ourselves a fannish community, but we won't stop you if you want to record original fiction. As always, you'll just need to gain permission from the author.

May I record more than one story?

Sure, why not? Record as many as you want! Record one for Thematic Week and one for the Free-For-All Week. Record one for every day of Thematic Week. Record for every day of posting. Whatever makes you happy!

Do I need to submit proof of permission to podfic?

No, we'll take your word for it.


As a podficcer, am I limited to what my artist(s) provide(s) for me?

No. You and your artist should determine early on just what the artist is willing/able to contribute. If the artist only wishes to contribute sound, you may create a cover for yourself. If the artist only wishes to contribute a cover, feel free to add your own sounds. If you wish to add more sounds than your artist provides, go for it. Freedom of expression! We're not trying to limit you. But please communicate. That's the point of collaboration. :)


Where can I find free music and sounds to include in a podfic?

* Absolute Sound Effects Archive
* ccMixter
* Free Loops
* Free SFX
* Jewel Beat
* PacDV Free Sound Effects
* Partners in Rhyme
* Public Domain Sounds
* Sound Bible
* The Free Sound Project

Where can I find images to manipulate/modify for a cover?

* Mayang's Free Textures
* CG Textures (must register to download)
* Public Domain Pictures



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