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Who are the moderators?

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Why are you only hosting this challenge on Dreamwidth now?

Trying to keep track of things in two different places was just too difficult. It felt like the time commitment had more than doubled. With the 2017 exodus from LJ to DW, it felt like an appropriate time to switch to hosting the challenge only on DW.

Why aren't you asking for cheerleader and beta sign-ups anymore?

Betas and cheerleaders are more than welcome to monitor the check-in posts for folks in need of cheering on and/or assistance, but I've never been able to come up with a satisfactory way to enable our cheerleaders and betas to best enjoy the experience. If someone would like to moderate this aspect of the challenge and make a plan for organizing it, I would be happy to revisit this decision!

Are you affiliated with the audiofic archive?

No. If you want your podfics added to the audiofic archive, you'll still need to post them to [community profile] amplificathon.

May I podfic a story in a language other than English?


May I podfic a series of shorter fics for a cumulative word count of more than 10,000 words?

Yes. A series of fics will often have an overarching storyline, so we see no harm in counting treating a series this way.

May I podfic a fic and its sequel for a cumulative word count of more than 10,000 words?


May I podfic an anthology of unrelated fics to meet my word count?


May I podfic a sequel to a podfic that has already been posted somewhere?


May I podfic a story that I wrote myself?


May I finish a podfic I started recording before the challenge for this challenge?

Yes, but only if you have not started publicly posting it as a WIP anywhere.

May I organize a collaborative podfic with multiple podficcers?


May I submit more than one project to the challenge?


Do I need to submit proof of permission to podfic?


May I post my podfic early if I finish early?

No. Please wait until the official posting period.


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