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Posting Schedule

  Posting begins Posting ends
Epic Podfic Big Bang December 18th December 31st
Amnesty Week February 12th February 18th

How to Post

Recommended Format for the Subject Line

Please format your posts as Fandom: Title of Podfic or some appropriate variation thereof. Inclusion of the titles and fandoms makes it easier to browse the archive!

  • Example of a podfic of a single title:
    Sailor Moon: Masquerade
  • Example of a collection of podfics that occur in the same universe:
    Supernatural: The Wounds 'Verse
  • Example of art for a podfic that was not completed:
    Harry Potter: Prince Charming (Art)
  • Example of an anthology of unrelated podfics in a single fandom:
    Harry Potter: Sacred Hearts - A Rare Pairs Anthology

Directions for Posting Your Entry

- switch your posting mode to "HTML"
- make sure the "disable autoformat" checkbox is NOT ticked
- copy-paste the post template code into your entry and fill in the blanks
- warnings are mostly optional, but please DO try to warn for the big ones: consent issues, character death, and underage

Posting Template


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