Date: 2012-07-27 05:04 pm (UTC)
yue_ix: Chibified dragon doodling on Excalibur's blade, with a tiny crown and magical hat floating around (Artistic dragon)
From: [personal profile] yue_ix
Hey Bessyboo, I hope you are trackign this post because tehre's no other links given to leave you feedback, and I want to tell you your cover is awesome.

First, I love lvoe that you took your own sneakers in photo for this, so you could palce them exactly like you wanted. My initial reaction to seeing thepicture (after "nice colour choices!") was "that's a perfectly found stock photo". Ahaha, creating our own will do that. =D So I love that, and you did a great job on changing the colour - grass and hair and anything strandy like that is EVIL - and it really doesn't show! From there, it's very cool how you cut out part of the title to push it back behind the ticket in a foreground-bg play adding depths.

Next, the colours! They are bright but not as saturated as we could think at first glance, and combined with the B&W of the characters contrast nicely. It's a great representation of the relationships going on in the text next to what we know from the canon. I'd love to ilsten to the podfic to see how this might specifically relates to this interpretation of the text, too, if there's further links we're missing.

I'm wondering if the choice of font was linked to the reader's voice for this, too, if you got to listen to a few in-progress versions while making this (I know that the time I posted only a cover for this challenge I *had* heard half the fic and it had been enough to make the art). Speaking of fonts - I like all 3 (I think?) used, and where you placed those elements, even though it might make it hard to read the names on small view. I like how it encourages my eye to follow along the shoes.

Last, you are brilliant for having the characters look at each other across their frames in a meaningful manner. Seriously. That's awesome choice of pictures and framing.
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