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For the 2014 Podfic Big Bang, we had 6 thematic submissions (4 fix-it fics, 1 arranged marriage, and 1 soulmates) and 16 free-for-all submissions. That brings us to a grand total of 22 podfics with a cumulative total of 164+ hours. That's down a little from last year, but still very impressive. My thanks to the podficcers, artists, and betas who pulled through this year to bring us so many wonderful long podfics!

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The Moderation Queue Is Open

The moderation queue is now open at [community profile] podficbigbang and [livejournal.com profile] podficbigbang. You may post to the queue at any time and leave it to the mod to approve your post when the posting period begins. You must join the community in order to have posting access.

Submissions are also open over at Archive of Our Own: post directly to the Thematic Week collection or Free-For-All Week collection and your work will remain unrevealed until the appropriate time.

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If you haven't submitted a request for art to the queue yet and you wish to be listed on the official art claims post, please either submit your request here or to the podparty queue.
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Over at the participant community, I have posted the first check-in, which will also serve as a sign-up for a GSD week, which will run until Sunday, August 24th: http://podparty.dreamwidth.org/11572.html
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Our themes for the 2014 Themeatic Week will be:
  1. Soulmates (Poll - Round 1, 24 votes)
  2. Pretend Relationship (Poll - Round 1, 17 votes)
  3. Fix-It Fic (Poll - Round 1, 16 votes)
  4. Arranged Marriage (Poll - Round 1, 15 votes)
  5. Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics (Poll - Round 2, 14 votes)

Someone mentioned that most of the themes are geared toward romance. This is true; for a bit of extra challenge, I dare you to podfic something Gen that fits one of the shippy themes. ;-)

To give some leeway to fans of rare fandoms and rare ships (that often have few works over 10,000 words, much less works matching the assigned themes), podficcers have the option of recording multiple works in a SINGLE rare fandom or rare ship that fit any mix of the above themes in order to meet the 10,000 word minimum requirement. For the purposes of this challenge, a rare fandom will have fewer than 100 podfics on the audiofic archive and a rare ship will have fewer than 50 podfics on the audiofic archive. If you intend to take this route, please notify me.

Feel free to suggest fics that match the above themes in reply to this post!
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Join the Podfic Big Bang today!

Dreamwidth: About | FAQ | Sign-up
LiveJournal: About | FAQ | Sign-up

Podficcers, artists & betas–we want you!

Join the [community profile] podficbigbang today!
Sign-ups begin June 22, 2014.
Posting begins November 10, 2014.

2014 Sign-Ups

Jun. 22nd, 2014 09:15 pm
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Podficcers, Artists, and Beta/Cheerleaders will all respond to this single sign-up post. Please review the appropriate participant guidelines before submitting your sign-up post.

If you later decide to participate in a capacity you did not originally sign up for OR you find that you need to drop out, you may simply tack a note onto your original sign-up comment.

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Sign-up Template

For collaborative sign-ups, each member of the group should be listed and provide the relevant contact details.

The Participant Community

Once you have signed up, please proceed to [community profile] podparty and join the community to submit requests and offers or simply to discuss your plans. All check-ins and match-ups will take place on the participant community. If you only have a LiveJournal account, you must first sign in with OpenID.


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