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All participants should check in here. This is where you should let me know if you're dropping out or if you're still in it to win it!
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Have questions? Please ask here. Rules that apply to the regular edition of the Podfic Big Bang are a little different from the Epic Podfic Big Bang. This is the first round, so lets figure things out together. ♥

  1. May I post my EPBB podfic(s) early?
    No, the first time any part of your podfic should be posted publicly should be during the EPBB's official posting period.

  2. I started recording a podfic that would be great for this challenge; may I still finish it for this challenge?
    Yes, provided you have not published any part of the podfic already. All podfics must see their first publication date during the EPBB official posting period.

  3. I've already started posting the first few chapters of a long podfic to my journal; may I take them down and post the podfic for this challenge?
    No, the first time any part of your podfic should be posted publicly should be during the EPBB's official posting period.

  4. May I submit my EPBB podfic(s) to additional big bangs?
    No, the podfic(s) you submit to the EPBB challenge should not be used for another other big bang challenge, even if our posting periods align perfectly. However, your podfics may be recorded as gifts, to fulfill a charity auction request, to fulfill a fandom bingo slot, or as part of any other non-big bang challenge provided the podfic is not published anywhere before the EPBB official posting period.

  5. How broadly or narrowly do you define "a single fandom."
    If you think your audience would consider it a single fandom, I will accept your judgement. I'm inclined to approach the rule with an open mind.

  6. May I podfic crossovers?
    Yes, so long as the main crossover fandom is the fandom you've claimed to meet your word count. If the crossover has a hundred different fandoms and your main fandom only makes a passing appearance, the work is not qualified.

  7. May I podfic a fic that is a work in progress?
    Any podfic that you post must be complete. If you're reasonably sure that the fic you wish to podfic will be finished in time for you to podfic and post it for this challenge, you're welcome to take that risk. My personal recommendation is to bookmark the work-in-progress for the next round and try to find something that's already complete.

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In 2015, Podfic Big Bang presents the Epic Edition, henceforth known as Epic Podfic Big Bang or EPBB! This edition of the challenge will run for eight months, from January through August, with posting scheduled for the first week in September. With a 75,000-word minimum requirement, podficcers will be expected to record and edit approximately 10,000 words per month.

Never fear! The usual Podfic Big Bang with the 10,000-word minimum requirement will begin immediately after the epic round ends and span four months, with posting scheduled for the end of December. Anyone who doesn't finish their 75,000 words in time for EPBB will, of course, be welcome to post it during the regular PBB.

Podficcers Artists Cheerleaders & Betas
Record at least 75,000 words of podfic in a single fandom. Contribute at least one artistic addition inspired by the podfic. Help encourage the podficcer/artist and assist in polishing the final product.

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Sign-ups are now open!


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