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Name:The Podfic Big Bang
Website:Podfic Big Bang Archive
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:A podfic challenge.
This community is mirrored on LiveJournal: [ profile] podficbigbang
We also run a participant community: [community profile] podparty


The Podfic Big Bang is an annual challenge aiming to increase the number of long podfics available to the fannish community, while also fostering a spirit of community and collaboration.


Record an audiobook for a fic with a minimum of 10,000 words for the Podfic Big Bang or push the limit with a minimum of 75,000 words for the Epic Podfic Big Bang.


Claim the podfic of your choice and contribute album-style cover art, create promotional materials, or come up with some other artistic work that companions the podfic in some way.


Support podficcers and artists by listening to rants, offering advice, providing gentle reminders, and delivering liberal doses of encouragement.


Support podficcers and artists by listening to podfic drafts or previewing art drafts and providing reviews, comments, and suggestions for improvement.

2016 Podfic Big Bang
Sign-ups begin:April 1st (ongoing)
Check-ins:1st Saturday of every month
Art requests due:June 17th
Art claims begin:June 19th
GSD boot camp:July 10th-16th
Posting period:August 7th-20th

2016 Epic Podfic Big Bang
Sign-ups begin:April 1st (ongoing)
Check-ins:1st Saturday of every month
GSD boot camp #1:July 10th-16th
GSD boot camp #2:November 13th-19th
Posting period:December 18th-31st

Amnesty Week
February 12-18, 2017

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