2014 Sign-Ups

Jun. 22nd, 2014 09:15 pm
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Podficcers, Artists, and Beta/Cheerleaders will all respond to this single sign-up post. Please review the appropriate participant guidelines before submitting your sign-up post.

If you later decide to participate in a capacity you did not originally sign up for OR you find that you need to drop out, you may simply tack a note onto your original sign-up comment.

2014 Schedule

Sign-ups Begin:  June 22
First Check-In:  August 15 (optional)
Art Requests Due*:  September 5
Artist Claims Begin:  September 6
Second Check-In:  September 15 (optional)
Final Check-In:  October 15 (optional)
Sign-ups End:  November 8
Thematic Week Posting:  November 10-16
Free-for-All Posting:  November 17-30

* Podficcers will be required to submit an art request by this date ONLY if they want their project to be considered for claiming by an artist on the official claims post. There will be opportunities for less formally requesting the talents of an artist later. Podficcers also have the option of seeking an artist in their own space.


  • Your mission is to record a podfic that has a running time of at least one hour. We recommend selecting a story of at least 10,000 words.
  • All requests for art should be submitted to [community profile] podparty by September 5th in order to be added to the official match-up post.
  • You have the option of collaborating with other podficcers.
  • You have the option of collaborating with an artist from the start—you might try seeking an artist with similar interests and choosing a fic for the challenge together.


  • Your mission is to make an artistic contribution to the podfic. This contribution may come in the form of designing a podfic cover (300x300 pixel minimum, multiple covers welcome if you're ambitious), providing sound effects, incorporating musical selections, composing an original score, creating a podfic trailer or vid, or fulfilling some other creative request.
  • All offers for art will be held in the moderation queue until official match-ups/claiming begins on September 6th.
  • You have the option of collaborating with other artists.
  • You have the option of collaborating with a podficcer from the start—you might try seeking a podficcer with similar interests and choosing a fic for the challenge together.


  • Your mission is to support podficcers and artists by: listening to rants; offering advice; listening to podfic or previewing art drafts and providing reviews, comments, and general squeeing.

Sign-up Template

For collaborative sign-ups, each member of the group should be listed and provide the relevant contact details.

The Participant Community

Once you have signed up, please proceed to [community profile] podparty and join the community to submit requests and offers or simply to discuss your plans. All check-ins and match-ups will take place on the participant community. If you only have a LiveJournal account, you must first sign in with OpenID.

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