Aug. 7th, 2016

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Participants in the Podfic Big Bang have until August 20th to post their podfics!

(Naturally, this does not include Epic Podfic Big Bang podfics. The EPBB runs on a different schedule and still has a few months yet before posting.)

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Fic: Abduction of Myth and The River of Styx by [ profile] morrezela (also on AO3)
Reader: [ profile] eosrose
Cover Artist: [ profile] eosrose
Fandom: Supernatural
Ship: Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Sibling Incest, Mind Manipulation

Summary: Set after the End of Season 5: Dean is kind of, sort of, not really fitting into his apple pie life when Bobby comes to him with a case. Seems somebody has started abducting Sam’s old girlfriends – dead and alive.

Cover image for Abduction of Myth

stream on
MP3 [281.6 MB, 05:45:35]
M4B [249.0 MB, 05:45:35]

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Title: Coming Undone
Author: KouriArashi
Reader: Opalsong
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairings: Gen
Rating: Teen
Length (total): 6:29:19
Music: Drowning Lessons by My Chemical Romance
Cover: Opalsong (heavily influenced by Kylie L's gorgeous covers for this series)
Summary: Stiles deals with the aftermath of being abducted by Peter Hale and left for dead. It's harder than he would have thought to accept his place in the pack when he's convinced that he's the 'weak one' and can't protect himself. Fortunately, Scott and Sheriff Stilinski are there to help, and to nag Derek until he helps, too.

Part 1 of The Sum of Its Parts series

Podbooks Link:Here [6:29:19; 184.0MB]

Chapter Links [length; size]:
Chapter 1 [38:15; 35.3MB]
Chapter 2 [27:36; 25.6MB]
Chapter 3 [28:08; 22.1MB]
Chapter 4 [29:46; 23.1MB]
Chapter 5 [44:28; 34.0MB]
Chapter 6 [39:12; 30.6MB]
Chapter 7 [28:25; 22.4MB]
Chapter 8 [31:51; 24.8MB]
Chapter 9 [35:09; 27.4MB]
Chapter 10 [39:34; 30.5MB]
Chapter 11 [46:55; 36.1MB]

Audiofic Archive link: Here

Thanks to Paraka for hosting!!

cross posted at amplificathon, my journal, and AO3
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Fic: Meet Me Halfway To Your Heart by [ profile] ariadnerue
Reader: [ profile] shmaylor
Cover Artist: [ profile] shmaylor
Fandom: Carmilla
Ship: Laura Hollis/Carmilla Karnstein
Rating: Teen
Warnings: N/A

Summary: The media had always assumed they were dating anyway. What big difference was it if they had to pretend to be engaged for a couple months?

a.k.a. The Second-Hand Famous Fake Engagement AU no one asked for.

mp3 [148 MB, 02:28:45]
m4b [115 MB, 02:28:45]
(Streaming available at AO3)

Podfic Post: AO3


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